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The Kollective



Based in the glorious and sunny Bay of Plenty, The Kollective - TK is New Zealand's largest co-working space and is dedicated to the success of not-for-profit, social enterprise and charitable organisations. Imagine a place where you work alongside like-minded people every day, a place where everyone you meet exudes a passion for our community, for our culture, and the value in the services they provide.


Metro was engaged from the early stages of this project to consult with key stakeholders, funders and local Iwi to develop a brand that represented and acknowledged the history, the people and the vision of New Zealand's largest co-working space.  After short-listing three names, we revisited key stakeholders to get their feedback and it was based on universal consensus that The Kollective was chosen to encapsulate the kaupapa of the building. 


The Kollective aptly showcases an ideology and a belief that when ideas and resources are shared, that everyone will benefit exponentially. It represents The Kollective as a collective of like-minded people, but it’s also so much more. Influenced by three common themes or elements that emerged; those being the location/place, the networking opportunities and the sharing outcomes – Te Kopurererua  /  Te Kupenga  /  Te Kete.

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