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We are Metro.

A passionate marketing and design agency based in the Bay of Plenty; known for the quality of our work and our long-standing focus on giving back to the community that supports us. We partner with a range of clients from all parts of New Zealand, working hard to communicate your story, build your brand and deliver results.

Services we can offer


Strategy & Marketing Plans
Campaign Management
Project Management
Information Memorandums


Brand Identity
Event Collateral
Annual Reports
Packaging Design


Email Marketing
Google Analytics
Google AdWords
Campaign Management
Social Media


Trade Shows

Are you looking for a marketing and design partner?
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Your Journey is set in motion.

Website Design

Are you in need of a new website? Perhaps you already have a website but it needs a refresh? Take a look at our website design portfolio below.

Brand Development

Are you in need of a new logo or look & feel for your brand? Perhaps you already have a logo/brand but it needs a refresh? Take a look at our brand portfolio below.

Clients we work with

A good brand story is authentic and creative; it makes an emotional and personal connection, inspires action and takes the audience on a journey with the brand...

"We worked with Metro Marketing using their retainer-based marketing and design services from mid 2012 to December 2019. During that time, we were impressed with the dedication and commitment of the Metro team, and their innovative ideas for online and offline advertising. In their own words, they aren't ‘lazy marketers’ who rely heavily on obvious advertising methods - and we liked that about them. The relationship worked because they took the time to get to know us before they put their action plan in place meaning they ‘got us’ and what we were trying to achieve. We regarded them as an extension of our team.

Simon Maxwell - Sales Manager
The Lakes Tauranga / Carrus

"We enjoy a fabulous working relationship with the team at Metro Marketing. For the past 8 years Metro have worked with us on brand development, events, graphic design and website development. Metro has a commitment to being part of building a strong community. Their support to us and other charities through sponsorship is testament to this. Michelle has had past involvement with us as a board member and has offered ongoing services as a marketing consultant and strategist. They are a creative, driven, passionate team with a strong emphasis on integrity and they actively support their local community."

Helen Alice - Service Manager
Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust

"Metro Marketing were an integral part of Bay Venues’ success over our first six years of operation. They took a collaborative approach to every aspect of their relationship with us to the extent of providing professional development for our internal team and ensuring there was a continual flow of knowledge from Metro Marketing to Bay Venues. The marketing, sales, and communication capabilities of our organisation were significantly enhanced through our relationship with Metro Marketing."

Gary Dawson - CEO 2013-2020
Bay Venues Ltd