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Michelle Crook

As the founder and director of Metro, Michelle has worked exceptionally hard at building her reputation including many late nights and various challenges along the way, but Michelle's passion and drive is infectious and something you can't help but to instantly admire when in the same room.

How did you start a Marketing Company?

I fell into marketing almost by accident and quickly found out that I really loved it. I love the thrill of the creative side combined with the discipline of the analytical side. After earning my stripes at EziBuy in Palmerston North (and working for some of the most brilliant marketing people in the country), I moved to Tauranga in the late 1990s and it was then that I decided to branch out on my own. That said, they employed me for another two years, so it was a bit of a soft launch into owning my own business!

What is the secret of a good Company?

It all depends on how you define a “good Company”; profit, reputation, size, location? For me it’s a healthy mix of all of those things but the challenge of creating great work starts with great people.

At Metro, I've always said that we are good people, doing good work for good clients ... I think that when there are high levels of trust, and a shared passion for outcomes, then anything is possible. 

Describe yourself in three words...

Enthusiastic, energetic and entrepreneurial. 

What drives you?

Right now, it's about giving back. When I was young, I was fortunate enough to go away on a Rotary Youth Exchange and I was blessed with amazing host families and a very generous host Rotary Club. Those Rotarians truly changed my life and I learnt very young about the power of 'service above self' and paying it forward for others. Another great opportunity came my way in 1991 when I was sponsored (this time by Lions!) to go to Outward Bound, and the enduring memory I have of that trip was the mantra that life is not a dress rehearsal. I want to contribute back into my community and thank those who have chosen Metro by giving back where and when I can. My view is that business and community are two sides of the same coin and that one feeds and contributes to the other. 

Favourite quote or mantra:

Oops already answered above! 

What has been your favourite project to date and why?

There are so many - it's like going on a trip down memory lane looking at the portfolio on this website. I have truly loved all our projects, and nearly all of our clients. I guess I get a particular buzz when a good idea (or charity) is funded or a great candidate wins an election and we've managed the campaign. I also like it when a new brand/logo comes together and it looks amazing - it all makes me excited to be in this sector. BUT if I have to choose one ... I would say Te Aka Mauri.