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Te Aka Mauri



Te Aka Mauri Library and Children's Health Hub is a joint venture between Rotorua District Health Board and Rotorua Lakes Council. A first of its kind to bring these disparate services together under one roof, Te Aka Mauri is a leading-edge facility with a dual focus on children's health (provided by the DHB) and modern library services (provided by Council). 


Metro Marketing was engaged by Lakes Council to create the strategy, brand and marketing collateral for the development and launch of Te Aka Mauri, and to seek third-party funding to finance some of the non-essential components of the building that would give the facility its 'x' factor.  Through these endeavours, over $3.2 million of external funding was secured; with the building subsequently receiving a number of design and local government awards for excellence in design and collaboration.


Once the funding, strategy and branding work was finalised and the building complete, we worked in collaboration with the Lakes Council team to roll out internal and external communication to create local awareness for the grand opening and national acknowledgment of a New Zealand first achievement.

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