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100k's in 30 Days Fundraising Campaign



Formed in Tauranga in 1991, Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga is a local independent charitable trust providing emotional and practical support for those who have breast cancer in the Western Bay of Plenty. Metro Marketing has had a working relationship with BCSSTT for the last 10 years, providing a wide range of services including marketing strategy, brand development, event  support, graphic design and website development.


Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust came to us with a new fundraising campaign idea in February 2022. The idea needed to be transformed into a campaign that would appeal to people across the Bay of Plenty from all walks of life. The campaign was to cover brand development, collateral design, a PR plan, social media strategy as well as content creation. All funds raised would go directly to helping people with breast cancer in the Western Bay of Plenty.


305 registrations (some as far away as Canada), a total of 1,968 donors, and an amazing $101,000 raised ($71,000 over the original fundraising goal of $30,000). Keep an eye out for the fundraiser in 2023!

"This [fundraising campaign] has exceeded our hopes and moved into dream territory! Fiona has been fabulous to work with. She is responsive, reliable, friendly and shows initiative. All in all a great asset to Metro Marketing. We look forward to working with her again on this campaign in 2023."
Helen Alice, Service Manager, Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust

Campaign Photography: Alana Dresner Photography

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