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As a provincial based agency, we punch above our weight in terms of our client base, which is largely due to our progressive, inclusive and socially responsible approach to business. We have always been a values based team and sought to give back to our communities through pro bono services, financial support and through governance roles. 

We believe if you do good work in your community, that good will come back to you. We feel privileged to work with many local and national organisations that do amazing things in our community and make a real difference to many people's lives. 


For many years Metro Marketing has been active in the Rotary Community. Michelle first became a Rotarian in 2003, and Rachel has followed in her footsteps, joining Rotary in 2013. 

Where possible we utilise our vocational expertise to help Rotary clubs in Tauranga and Hamilton promote themselves and their initiatives. We have also provided financial support, and our time at different fundraising and community events held by Rotary. 

Whare Manaakitia Trust

"I have known Michelle for many years and over that time I have appreciated the energy, professionalism, deep “know how” and accurate manner she brings to every task.

There is nothing that Michelle does not enhance through her involvement and much of her work is in the philanthropic arena where she is highly active. That she is able to continue to run an effective agency on top of her philanthropic work is testament to her outstanding capacity, experience and knowledge.

Michelle is a trustee on the Whare Manaakitia Trust, which has been incorporated to develop, own and maintain the new community centre for Merivale. We appreciate having Michelle in the team."

Chris Rapson
Whare Manaakitia Trust chairman

Legacy 200 Club Lunch

The annual Legacy 200 Club Lunch was first held in 2013 as a celebration of support for the Breast Cancer Support Service, and fundraiser. 

Breast Cancer Support Service works like a “buddy system” introducing newly diagnosed women with local survivors.

The events primary sponsor is Legacy Trust. Legacy Trust is a registered charitable trust and the owner of Legacy Funerals and other funeral business interests. The Trust is responsible for the management of the business operations and the annual distribution of all profits from the business for the good of the local community. 

Metro Marketing has supported the Legacy 200 Club Lunch since its inception. The Metro team provides design services, marketing support and event management expertise, including creating the decor for and gifts for the event. 

Formed in Tauranga in 1991, Breast Cancer Support Service (BCSS) Tauranga is a local independent charitable trust.

Step Changers

Step Changers is a registered charity that Metro Marketing first started in 2016! We recognised an opportunity to help New Zealand companies improve their corporate social responsibility programmes, and so Step Changers was formed to match businesses with interesting community projects from all over New Zealand, Asia, and the South Pacific. 

Today, Step Changers runs independently of Metro with a team of 25 volunteers, but the two organisations continue to share the same core values. Metro supports Step Changers with their operating costs, as well as with digital expertise and strategic marketing advice. 

We're proud to see Step Changers take on a life of its own and to have been a part of the founding team that wanted to make corporate social responsibility normal in New Zealand. Make sure to check out the team's work over at


"SociaLink has worked with Metro Marketing over a number of years. Metro has a broad understanding of the social sector, its issues, assets and deficiencies. Michelle, and team, have worked with us on a number of levels; from developing our brand to running a public session for members on delivering with impact. Metro delivers equally well on strategic and operational levels. Great team, easy to talk to, and will take the time that you sometimes need."

Kathy Webb
Socialink training and events co-ordinator

Wish for Fish Charitable Trust

'The wish for Fish charitable trust facilitates saltwater activities for people with illness, disability and financial hardship – many magical moments out on the water have been created. Working in the not-for-profit sector, Michelle and team have been great to deal with and have assisted our organisation with some amazing marketing platforms to support our fundraising ventures (in Tauranga, Coromandel, Auckland and Christchurch), which have included annual fishing competitions and gala dinners. Metro has also provided integral marketing strategies and offered website design support. We highly recommend this team."

Bryce Dinneen
Wish for Fish Charitable Trust Trustee

The Mount Beach Mat

Mount Maunganui is the first place in New Zealand that provided a mat enabling waterfront access to people in wheelchairs. 

A community challenge was initiated in 2017 to raise $15,000 for the wheelchair-friendly access mat. This challenge was initiated by our own Managing Director, Michelle Crook. 

Sponsorship for the mat was raised from Metro Marketing, Harbour City Lions, and an anonymous donor. 

Tauranga tetraplegic Amanda Lowry, who has two young daughters, eagerly awaited the day when the mat was put in place. “I want the opportunity to get some sand in my togs and lie there next to my kids. It’s not just about disabilities, it’s about everyone. It’s about living a full life with no restrictions – no barriers. It’s about being on the beach and celebrating what it is to be a Kiwi,” she said.

Ms Crook said while this was a great result, more could be achieved. “We are on the way to becoming not only the best beach, but the most accessible beach in the country. And the project doesn’t have to stop here, there’s the opportunity to add more matting,” she said.

Additional mat options included enabling a greater turn-around and sitting area at the water’s edge, or having “branches” off the main mat. There is  also the possibility the mat could be used elsewhere – for example, at Anzac Day services at Memorial Park, where some elderly attendees were in wheelchairs.

The Dear Boobs Project

"Metro believed in The Dear Boobs Project right from the start, which was a real boost for my confidence to push forward. I am eternally grateful for all the energy and encouragement, and for all I was taught too about PR! Metro’s support and contribution to the project was really important."

Emily Searle
Dear Boob creator

Youth Search and Rescue (YSAR) NZ

"Michelle has done so much for YSAR over the years. She has given up her time, for free, to help us establish our organisation to where it is today. She has become a professional mentor to me. She played an instrumental role in the early phase, giving us the right business advice and steering us in the right direction. This has included website wording, strategic objective and organisational value alignment, and a formal rebranding exercise to position ourselves as a key educational provider in NZ (and with potential for international scope). She also helped us put together a creative brief on the organisation, which has given us scope to speak at the Australian Search and Rescue Conference in Australia. Our organisation is the sum of all parts and thankfully Michelle is one of those key parts. I can’t overstate the impact she has made on our organisation over a long period of time."

Steve Campbell
Youth Search and Rescue (YSAR) NZ General Manager

Papamoa Surf Life Saving Club

“Working with Michelle over the past five years on the project to build a new surf lifesaving club in Papamoa has been an absolute pleasure. Michelle never ceases to amaze me with the energy and professionalism she has brought to the team, with her focus to ensuring this desperately needed project is delivered. She gives her time to a number of other community driven projects also, all pro bono.”

Andrew Hitchfield
Papamoa Surf Life Saving Club Chairman

Good Faith

We pride ourselves on transparency and integrity in all areas we operate. We aim to serve first, profit second because we know that if we do more with less, we can do more.

Whether you'd like to support us in doing good, or you need assistance with the good you do, we'd love to hear from you


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