'Turn-key' marketing services

At Metro Marketing we work with our clients as their ‘Outsourced Marketing Department’. This means that they get experts in marketing strategy, design, PR, social media, digital media and more (all for the same overall cost of one person in-house). We are doing marketing like this all day, every day, so we get to see what’s working for clients - and what’s not working - and we can then use those insights for the benefit of all of our clients. 

Our teams are led by our senior marketing consultants who act like the conductor of an orchestra, bringing the right team members (our musicians) into the mix at the right time to deliver purposeful and cohesive marketing tactics (the music) to your audience.

We are quite passionate, like a music conductor, as well.

Learn more about our services below, see what our clients have to say or contact us to discuss your specific marketing needs.

Strategic Marketing Consultancy

We work alongside our clients as part of their team, helping them make purposeful marketing decisions to meet their business goals. Whether you have in house expertise that needs extra resource, or if you need an entire marketing solution we can take the weight off your shoulders with our team of marketing specialists. 

Graphic Design

Once the 'thinking' is done, we work closely with our designers to start bringing your marketing to life. This often starts with a brand, the visual representation of your business which serves a key purpose of creating a lasting (often first) impression.

They create visually appealing designs which meet client briefs and help bring their brand to life.

Digital Marketing

Websites, SEO, Social Media, Google Adwords and anything else digital; we can help. Digital Marketing spans many channels and disciplines, and it is impossible for one person to be an expert in all of these options, as well as traditional marketing channels. This is why we have invested in our people to continue to upskill and learn this ever changing medium.

Media & PR

Media is anywhere you see or experience a brand - newspapers/magazines, radio, TV, branded products. We make informed decisions on where best to place clients to ensure they are reaching their target market. We then measure the results of these placements to optimise any spend and ensure clients get the best bang for their buck.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your specific requirements, or talk about any queries you may have - we could even catch up for a coffee?


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