Media is where the rubber hits the road - we use the 'thinking' and design to strategically place your brand where your target market is.

Media is anywhere you see or experience a brand - newspapers/magazines, radio, TV, branded products. We make informed decisions on where best to place clients to ensure they are reaching their target market. We then measure the results of these placements to optimise any spend and ensure clients get the best bang for their buck.

Public Relations


Public Relations (PR) is a way to tell your story via editorial, press releases and case studies in media and publications. PR has a more authentic and trusted voice than mass advertising due to it telling a story rather than directly 'selling'.

It’s a skill to be able to put together copy with the right tone, in an engaging way, and for the appropriate channel. This is why we have a journalist with more than 25 years’ experience on our team.

Our relationships with many publications and media companies throughout New Zealand benefit clients and return great results with a high success rate of publication of work we have submitted.

Copy Writing

Well executed copywriting is vital for communicating your brand's personality and message. This includes any written content, from your website and brochures to formal letters and social media profiles. 

There needs to be consistency across your written content, while also adapting it for the channel and audience. This is achieved by having a true understanding and outline of the brand's personality, a knowledge of how to write for different channels and understanding the barriers and motivations of the target audience.

Key messages need to be included in a way that captivates the reader and helps them retain information, while feeling like they are getting to know your brand. An academic understanding of written language is also very helpful; accurate wording and grammar is what adds quality to the copy, and makes reading a pleasure for your target audience.

We have team members who are experienced and talented wordsmiths, able to balance the different complexities of writing to successfully tell your story.

Advertising/Media Booking

Knowing where and when to place advertising, and getting the best deals is what we are all about when it comes to advertising for our clients.

Mass advertising is often referred to as throwing out a fishing net and seeing what comes in, and this can be the case. However, well planned and thought through advertising can help ensure that you are capturing the right attention.

Mass advertising includes things like newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards/signage and some forms of online advertising.

Branded merchandise

If you have invested in a professional brand, marketing collateral and an online presence, you may also want to look at branded merchandise to complete the picture.

Branded merchandise can include uniforms, stationery (e.g. pens and notebooks), car sign writing, giveaways and gifts.

Every year we assist clients to develop their own range of thank you or Christmas gifts - thinking outside of the box while still delivering functional gifts.

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