Graphic Design is a key element of the work we do, and our designers are magicians.

Once the 'thinking' is done, we work closely with our designers to start bringing your marketing to life. This often starts with a brand, the visual representation of your business which serves a key purpose of creating a lasting (often first) impression.

They create visually appealing designs which meet client briefs and help bring their brand to life.

Design that creates the right impression

Our designers are experienced at taking words in a marketing plan or design brief and turning them into visual elements that allow you to connect with your target audience. Creating the right 'feel' based on who you are, and who your target audience is, is key and we pride ourselves on hitting the nail on the head.

Our designers are experienced across a broad range of design work including brand/logo development, print collateral design (business cards, brochures, annual reports and more), infographics, website design, icon creation, signage, advertisements, branded merchandise and

We bring a wide range of expertise and experience from working on thousands of projects, as well as understanding the importance of a well thought out design – balance, meaning, perceptions, colour, balance and hierarchy.

If your brand is going on it our designers can design it.

Our Design Portfolio

Below are some snippets of our design work. For more examples check out our full Portfolio.

Bay Venues

The Kollective

Presentable Homes

The Lakes Tauranga

Tauranga Garden & Arts Festival

Let's talk about showcasing your brand to the world


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