Tauranga Westpac Business Awards

From left to right, back row - Minja, Monique, Liam, Kylie, Michelle, Lea
Front row - Nikita and Rachel

We were finalists in an award close to our hearts

The Metro Marketing team had a fantastic night celebrating with like-minded businesses at the awards night and congratulates Carrus for taking the top spot.

Metro was nominated as a finalist in the Corporate Sponsorship Award category at the Westpac Tauranga 2018 Business Awards.

If there’s any category we’re proud to be nominated for, then this is it. This category involves corporate social responsibility and that’s close to our hearts. We’re well versed in caring for our community and we’re talking about it here to encourage others to think about it and act upon it.

Metro’s examples of social caring are many – some of major significance. When interviewed as an award finalist, our managing director and founder, Michelle Whitmore, was asked which philanthropic endeavour she was most proud of. She chose to share the story of the The Beach Mat project. Michelle initiated a community challenge to raise the required $15,000 to provide a wheelchair-friendly mat to enable waterfront access to people in wheelchairs. She placed $2,000 on the table to get things rolling. Thanks to her enthusiasm, Mount Maunganui became the first place in NZ to have such a mat. To a certain sector of our society it has made a world of difference.

Michelle could just as easily have spoken about Colour Dash, a five-kilometre run with a difference that she introduced to various cities throughout NZ. This vibrant fundraiser (participants are sprinkled with colour) raised more than $100,000 over two years for Ronald McDonald House in Auckland.

Metro Marketing displays its corporate social responsibility in various ways. These are: by organising events, through pro-bono work, offering charity rates and cash sponsorship, volunteering, sharing resources, and catalysing sponsorship. Metro has even funded its own charity, with a focus on helping other NZ companies develop and manage strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes. 

There are many ways in which businesses, organisations, and individuals can practice CSR. Many companies focus on, and practice, a few broad categories, such as environmental efforts, philanthropy, ethical labour practices and volunteering.

At Metro Marketing we know that undertaking socially responsible initiatives is a win-win situation. We believe our company appeals to socially conscious consumers and employees, and we know we’re making a difference in the world. That’s why we’re happy with our Metro world, and why we roll the way we roll. 


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