Presentable Homes

Presentable Homes founded by Sandra and Herman offers cleaning services to newly built homes before they are handed over to the homeowner. Their brief to Metro was to create a marketing strategy and a brand to launch the business. 

Metro worked with Presentable Homes to understand their services, completing a marketing strategy and plan for them to connect with their target market effectively. From here we moved into brand development and creation, developing key messaging and copy, creating a website and advertising material for them to create a presence. 

We delivered the following:

  • Project management
  • Brand development
  • Key messaging
  • Copywriting
  • A new website
  • DL brochures and business cards
  • The design of car signwriting
  • Branded promo material – flags, uniform, pens, toilet wraps
  • Photography

"We just started our own business a couple of months ago. Rachel and the Metro team were amazing with their advice, help and support. Their guidance through the whole process and the ongoing support is amazing and we only can recommend their service with the highest praise."

Sandra Walz, Presentable Homes


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