Tauranga is, in many ways, at the forefront of a shift towards social enterprises. More and more we’re seeing businesses prioritise causes and community before profits and Not-for-profits look for sustainable economic engines to support their work, rather than rely on fund...
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The Value of Storytellers...

February 27, 2018
Once upon a time someone (more than one) may have thought that, in this digital age, the art of storytelling would die. For those horrified at the thought, rest easy – there’s a happy ending. In telling you this story, I am referencing a piece by Azadeh Williams who spok...
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Facebook FAQs

January 17, 2018
I’m always out talking with businesses, and quite often Facebook is the topic that people want to talk about. So here I have put together my own FAQs for who should have a presence on Facebook and how you can use it for your business....
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Marketing for Small Business: What can I do for my business when my marketing budget is small?  Overheads are scary. They’re accumulative, resented and tempting all at the same time – and sometimes it can be hard to know which ones to take on and which ones to wait ...
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Marketing vs Advertising

November 15, 2017
“So you’re not an ad agency?”  “No. I mean, not really. We do a lot of the same work that an ad agency does, but it’s more about marketing” “Right. And so what does that actually mean?”...
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We live and breathe marketing everyday, so we can take it for granted that everyone knows the different ways to communicate with their target audience. Of course we know this isn’t the case. Years ago our Managing Director, Michelle Whitmore, developed these 7 ways to reac...
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